Mrs. Canter


My name is Georgeann Canter.
I teach Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics and General Chemistry.
I have been teaching at Bridgeport High School since 1999.
My Bachelor's degree is in Biology, and my Master's degree is in Math and Science Education.

Summer work

Project Information

 You must be prepared to present on the day your name is chosen or you will lose 1 letter grade.  Be sure to include all the items listed on the grading page.
Toothpicks and colored glue will be supplied.  Your peers will rule if they believe there was too much glue used.  The boat must fit under your bridge and the truck must fit on your bridge.
 We will go out 3 times to fly.  If you are absent or do not have a new/repaired kite on any of those days you will not be given additional class time.
 The date the egg drop is due, you must turn in your project even if you are not going to be in school.  It takes several people to co-ordinate the drop along with the weather.