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To celebrate Pi day in Mr. Krieger’s math class, students created a program that would estimate Pi by placing random points on a dart board with a circle inscribed inside a square.  Students discovered that if you count up the darts that fall within the circle and compare to the total number of darts thrown, the ratio should be equal to the area of the circle divided by the area of the square. Because the length of the square (L) is twice the radius of the circle (R), if we randomly throw the darts and count up the ones in the circle and divide by the total number of darts, the ratio should come out to π/4. Therefore we can just multiply the ratio by 4 to get an estimate for π.

Solving Mysteries in Forensic Class

2020 Homecoming King and Queen

Pictured above is our 2020 Homecoming King (Riese) and Queen (Hannah).

This was the day that we dreamed about for a really long time.  Rebecca Kiger and Mindy Sears spent pretty much the entire day applying these photos to the side of the Attic Pickers (the old Moore's Music Emporium building)  building in Bridgeport. Thank you for everything you have done for us, Rebecca Kiger.  We couldn't have done this with out you.  Also, thank you to Attic Pickers. They were so helpful with all of this.  Thank you for allowing us to use your building.  It is the perfect space.  Your enthusiasm while we worked was contagious.

This was the capstone project of The Rural Arts Collaborative.  Thank you to everyone who helped bring such a cool project to the students of Bridgeport, like the Stifel Fine Arts Center, and Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.  The students loved it.  It was fun to see them drive past and wave happily as we applied the mural.  We are truly grateful for this experience and will remember for a lifetime.

Rebecca came to Mrs. Sear's art classroom at least once a week.  She helped the students learn how to use DSLR Canon cameras. She taught them about photo composition and lighting, and she introduced them to many new photographers.  They learned so much during their time with her.

The students took these pictures, and the theme of the mural is "We are more than a number." State testing can place a number on student performance in school, but that doesn't tell you everything about the student.

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