Bridgeport High School

Miss Shasta and Miss Savannah went over the importance and proper ways to brush and floss, as well as providing a toothbrush to the Cross Categorical students.  

Beekeepers Visit High School Classroom

Ninth-graders in Mrs. Ehrmantrout’s class have been reading “The Secret Life of Bees Living in the Honey House” this semester. In order to learn more about the tiny insects and their sticky concoction, a pair of local beekeepers visited the class to deliver a 30-minute presentation. Ed and Mary Mowrer have been making their own honey for the last 20 years at their St. Clairsville home. “We make the honey in our basement and it can get quite messy at times”. Ed Mowrer allowed. “My grandfather kept bees and our daughter keeps bees”. The Mowrer’s explained the entire process from how the Queen bee is selected and prepared until how the honey is extracted from the homemade hives. They said the worker bees are the second most important because they run the hives. Once the Queen bee goes on its mating flight and enters the hive, it never leaves again. It takes approximately 50,000 bees to make enough honey for two pint-sized jars.


Congratulations to Our Newest NHS Members

Congratulations to Jayden Ray, Emma Pittner, Jayden Koonce and Madison Criswell who were recently inducted into the National Honor Society.

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