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Bridgeport Events

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May 05
Geometry (Parts 1 &2) Spring Testing
Bridgeport High School (Bridgeport High School)
May 05
Bridgeport Athletic Boosters Meeting
55781 National Rd., Bridgeport, OH 43912
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (on 05/05)
May 07
Relay for Life
Bridgeport Exempted Village SD (Bridgeport Elementary School, Bridgeport High School, and Bridgeport Middle School)
May 10
Special Board Meeting
55781 National Rd., Bridgeport, OH 43912
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (on 05/10)

Why Bridgeport?

Tradition By recognizing our proud heritage and our alumni achievements, our students will know that their current and future accomplishments will be part of our school’s storied history.
Community When the communication between the school and the home is solid, students have the best opportunity to succeed. Partnerships with community organizations will enhance the academic experience of our students.
The Future We will use innovative classroom strategies that allow our students to solve problems in creative and relevant ways while developing long-term plans to keep our facilities up-to-date and our finances solvent.
Our Responsibility We understand that by choosing a career in education, we will play a role in our students’ success. We will create a positive learning environment and ensure the implementation of research-based strategies for students to achieve.