Archived Notes from Mark Matz (Superintendent in 2007)


All of us have probably waited on something in our lives that we weren’t quite sure what it would be like. Whether as a child it was anticipating Christmas morning, as a teenager getting that first car, or as an adult starting a new job we always wanted, rarely did it live up to our expectations. Well, the new PreK-12 building that our children are going to go to later this year is one of those rare exceptions. It is truly better than we dreamed.

The educational facility that awaits our students will provide opportunities that are endless. From the size of the rooms to the ultra-modern technology, they will have something no one else in the area can match. Whether their interests are curricular or extracurricular, they will not be short changed in any way.

They will be attending a facility that will have classrooms larger than they have ever had with computers in every room. It will have a cafetorium that will seat 450 for lunch and be converted into a 650 seat auditorium for special programs. There will be two gymnasiums. The main one will seat 900 plus spectators for games and also be able to be converted into two full courts for practice or physical education with the push of a button. The small gym will have multiple uses for elementary students.

Three distance learning labs will be available along with computer labs. There will be both an instrumental and vocal classroom both of which will be fully equipped. The chemistry and biology classrooms will be unlike any the district has ever had.

There will be two open air courtyards. A smaller one on the elementary side just outside the cafetorium and a large, walk through, one on the high school side that will have park style benches and landscaping for the students’ enjoyment.

To make all of this even better, each classroom will have an electronic smart board that will allow the teachers to bring their lessons to life.

As for parents, they will be comforted knowing their child will be in a safe and secure learning environment like no other. No visitor will be able to enter the building without being buzzed in electronically by the principal’s office.

The move to the new building will be a major project in itself and, being in the middle of a school year, total cooperation of staff, students and parents will be an absolute must. Literally everything about the school day will change except the length of the day. New bus routes, class schedules, lunch schedules, rules for dropping off and picking up students, and attending activities will be implemented. This will take all of us working together as one to make this new school BETTER THAN HOPED FOR.
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