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Summer Camp Students Create Digital Books

To wrap up Summer Camp, those who attended 8 of the 12 days were rewarded with a fun trip to the Oglebay Good Zoo.

Spring Title Meeting Starring Kindergarten Authors


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  • Summer Camp "Go Wild" For Reading and Math

    Bridgeport Elementary School is excited to announce Summer Camp sign-ups will begin for current PreK - 4th Grade Bridgeport students.
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In science class, Miss Schambach's second grade students had fun making models from play dough while determining what molds and fossil imprints of animals could look like.  In math class, the students took their first test online test using the math series, Envision Math. They did an excellent job figuring out the proper keys to use to place their answers in the right place. 

Mrs. Hilt's 4th Graders Practice Reciprocal Teaching

Students in Mrs. Hilt's 4th Grade class read Social Studies articles and practiced reciprocal teaching. As demonstrated by Weston Kieschnick, reciprocal teaching is a great way to increase reading comprehension, vocabulary, and student collaboration skills. 
Elementary students celebrated Dr. Seuss week. They had fun wearing hats on Hat Day, and on Wacky Wednesday, students wore items of clothing backwards, masks upside-down, shoes mismatched, and crazy hair. The next day they dressed up as someone they want to be when they grow up. Students tried green eggs and ham, read many Dr. Seuss books, and drew pictures of the iconic characters. It was a very fun-filled week!

February Title I Parent Meeting Featuring Valentine Readers

Students in Mrs. Tustin's homeroom had fun engaging in a creative writing lesson. After watching a short, animated video, they explored what it would be like if animals were round. 

Miss Schambach's Class Celebrate Valentine's Day

A huge thank you to Dollar General! They donated both the Valentine balloons and chocolate heart boxes to Miss Schambach's 2nd grade class for Valentine's Day.

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