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Elementary Physical Education Day with Travis Clark and Jeremy "Dynamite" Smith as guest speakers. Mr. Tush, Mr. Windland, Mr. Clark and Mr. Smith created a day of fun and exercise for all student in grades Kdg. -4th grade. The students were asking when Mr. Clark and Mr. Smith would be coming back, before they even left. A big thank you goes out to all of the high school helpers that donated their time to make this day a success. 
A career fair was held for the 4th grade classes. 14 volunteers created presentations to introduce the 4th grade students to a variety of careers. Careers such as nurse, EMT, architect, photographer, Mayor, business cleaner, fire fighter, chef, pilot, flight attendant and bottle maker were all represented. The ECOESC and Chamber of Commerce set up tables with information for the students. Finally the day was culminated with a very special visit from NFL Dallas Cowboy CJ Goodwin. The students learned much information about a variety of careers and about finding one that you love! To top it off, they had a lot of fun interacting with the presenters. 

3rd Nine Weeks Academic Awards

Summer Camp "Go Wild" for Reading and Math

Students in Miss Murad's Kindergarten Class built Leprechaun Traps for St. Patrick's Day. The students, with their families, built the traps to catch those sly little leprechauns.
Second Grade had a great time celebrating Dr. Seuss Week!!  Favorite hat Day, Mismatched Day, and Wacky Wednesday!!  They also had some guest readers throughout the week: Mrs. Prati, Mrs.Heilman, Mrs. Sabinski, Mrs.Kosanovic and Mrs. Clark!! 
Mrs. Vitale's class participating in an experiment. They were learning about polar bears and the layer of fat they have which keeps them warm. The students had to place their hands into a bowl of ice water, then place their hand into a bag which had another bad around it that contained a layer of Crisco. The students realized that the water did not feel as cold inside the bad as compared to placing their hand directly into the water. 
Mrs. Vitale's first-grade class celebrating the 100th day of school. They were dressed as secret agents because the Devious 99 stole Superhero Zero so we could not have a 100th day of school. The students had to complete missions to save Superhero Zero. They saved the day! 

The first grade students enjoy a visit with new furry friends. One student's mother brought in 4 week old bunnies for them to pet and hold. They learned how to gently hold them and pet them. (Mother of student - Rashayla Okernick.  name of student - Olivia Hough)

Second Grade celebrated 100th day of school.  They did activities including counting by 5's 10's to play musical chairs, tally marks to get to the center of a tootsie pop, using the number 100 to incorporate in a picture, writing a story and the 100th Day workout.  The students and teachers had a great time celebrating the 100th Day of School. 

Gifted an Talented Virtual Art Show


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Elementary Students Collect Items for the Belmont County Animal Rescue League

The first grade and third grade students from Bridgeport Elementary school collected items for the Belmont County Animal Rescue League. Denise Nally and Allie Cook from BCARL brought Ace the dog and Loise the rabbit to visit the students on Monday, February 14th. We also learned the Belmont County Animal Rescue League have cared for dogs, cats, fish, lizzards, hamsters, and rabbits. Denise spoke to the students regarding the importance of animal safety such as always asking an owner if they are permitted to pet a dog. She also stressed the significance of petting the back of the dog instead of petting the head. Denise advised the students to stand “like a tree” if they see a strange dog with no owner. This will deter the students from running which may cause a dog to chase after them. The students were eager to learn animal safety and express love by donating items on Valentine’s Day.

In the picture front row from left to right: Allie Cook, Aubrey Throckmorton, Kaylee Phemester, and Abel Roubal. Second Row left to right: Denise Nally, Nova Hartline, Kali Manion, and K.J. Long. Third row left to right: Kim Vitale and Morgan Brunner.

During the Title Parent Meeting, select 1st and 2nd Grade students shared personal Valentine messages they wrote. 

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Elementary Calendar

  • May 24

    4th Grade Cookout

    12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (on 05/24)
    Shelter (Bridgeport Elementary School and Bridgeport Exempted Village School District)
  • Sep 14

    Elementary Individual Pictures ASP

    8:30 AM - 11:00 AM (on 09/14)
    Cafetorium and Stage (Bridgeport Elementary School and Bridgeport High School)
  • Oct 18

    Elementary Individual Make Up Pics

    8:00 AM - 10:45 AM (on 10/18)
    Cafetorium Stage (Bridgeport Elementary School and Bridgeport High School)