Bridgeport Elementary

Miss. Schambach's class reached their blue ticket goal of 100 tickets.  This goal was aligned with our PBIS expectations of Being Safe, Kind and Responsible.  The class voted to build forts and celebrate.  They received a plastic tablecloth, binder and two pieces of tape, and they used those supplies to build a fort for the day.  It was so much fun for all!
Martha, grandmother of Zoey, came to read to Mrs. Cowser's second grade class. The book selected was a personal favorite of her granddaughter and taught an important lesson about accepting who you are as a person.  
This activity introduced them to engineering, tension and balance. They made connections to real spider webs as they constructed a bridge using cups, tape, and intersecting pieces of yarn. They then used linking cubes to test how many “spiders” could balance on top without falling off.  
Thank You, Wolfhurst Fire Department, for coming into our classrooms and for everything you gave us!
Ms. Teasdale and Ms. Vitale’s room celebrate Johnny Appleseed by using their five senses to explore three types of apples.
4th Graders in Mrs. O'Connell's and Mrs. Hilt's class create placemats to be given to Veterans who attend a free Veteran’s Day breakfast at the PAP Club located in Wheeling, WV.
Ms. Vitale's class completed a stem activity where they planned and built a tower in small groups.
Pictured are students who did not miss a single homework assignment or did not have a behavior color change during the first nine weeks.
Ms. Vitale's and Ms. Teasdale's class learn the difference between living and non-living with a hands-on experiment using earth worms and gummy worms.
Travis Clark works with 3rd grade students and shows them the importance of  helping others, exercise and teamwork.
Ms. Teasdale and Ms. Vitale's first grade class practice math using number lines on the playground.
Students in the third grade work in small groups and use math centers to help master skills in multiplication and division.  
Mr. Harris is a student teacher being mentored by our third grade intervention specialist, Mr. Cash. The students love using Clips on their iPads with Mr. Harris and Mr. Cash to enhance their understanding of vocabulary terms.
Mrs. Cowser’s class enjoy the nice weather while studying weather & wind.

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