Apple Distinguished School

We’re pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2023–2026 for inspiring, imagining, and impacting teaching and learning schoolwide through continuous innovation.

Our Story - "Through These Doors Lies our Future"

Our school’s vision is to enhance instruction by providing deeper learning strategies through which students discover and create their personal learning paths. It is a place where student voice and student choice are held in the highest regard. Empowering teachers through meaningful professional learning experiences and supporting teachers in their learning journey takes precedence in our school community. Teachers transition to “learning experience creators” which allows them to create deeper learning opportunities for students who then become creators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. 

Teachers work to craft integrated lessons that increase student engagement, creativity, voice and choice. Success points include students authentically engaged in deeper learning that is meaningful resulting in more creative and personalized learning for the student. Our classrooms spill into hallways and other locations that are buzzing with purposeful activity, and our students are proud to share their learning and what they created.


Going from the premise that ”not all apples are the same shape or color of red”, learning experiences become personal, meaningful, equitable, and challenging for each student. The major ingredient in every successful integrated lesson rests on the inquiry and creativity that comes from each student’s choice and voice. The excitement for both the students and the staff is that no one really knows how a lesson will end up! 


Our mission is,” Tradition, Community, The Future, Our Responsibility.” Our school community is crafted and honed to be invitational and welcoming for all. Due to our student demographics, we realize that equal and equitable are two separate concepts. We strive to provide students equitable learning opportunities for ALL by making learning experiences meaningful and appropriately challenging for each. Lessons are shared not only in the school community during Teacher Based Team Meetings and district-wide during professional development, but also globally with a network of other educators, as well as, a global platform.

What's Next

Our teachers and administrators are continuing their learning journey by participating in continuous professional learning. Redefining instruction through creating deeper learning opportunities is at the forefront of our work which prepares our students to be productive, empowered creators in the future workplace and in the world. Our students continue to inspire us every day.