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Mrs. Tustin was the Winner of the Easter Basket

Mrs. Tustin was the winner of the Easter Basket that was raffled off before Spring Break.  Callie said that she and her classmates, as part of their innovation project, wanted to raise money to support the Middle School sports team.  Callie, Laney, Kaden, and Ashton raffled off a basket filled with Easter goodies, and they have plans for more basket raffles before the end of the school year.

5th Grader, Piper, nominated by Mrs. Nguyen.
8th Grader - Vanessa nominated by Miss. Dougherty. 
5th grader, Harlee nominated by Mrs. Heller. 
7th Grader, Brooklynn, nominated by Mr. Nelson. 
6th Grader, Courtney, nominated by Mrs. Twaorg. 
6th Grader, Kason, nominated by Miss. Kinsey. 

6th Grader, Haylee, Nominated by Mrs. Watkins.

5th Grader, Temperance , was nominated by Mrs. Jordan Sieber’s for her Positive Bulldog Spirit in September 8, 2023.  Mrs. Sieber’s noted that Temperance displays an eagerness to learn and is enjoying the 5th  grade. 

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