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Fine Arts Festival Hosted by the Fine Arts Club
I am so excited to announce that Bridgeport High School's Fine Arts Club will be hosting our very first Fine Arts Festival.  I'm humbled by how our community shows up for our kids.  I'm thrilled to show the kids the talent that the Ohio Valley has to offer with the Fine arts Vendors listed below.  Thank you for being part of our last blast of the school year.  
Lambros Tsuhlares 
Zane A. Miller 
Adam William Bedway Beth Bedway 
Joshua Bommer 
Luke [email protected]
Scott Hanson Illustrations 
Colleen Cominsky @Colleencominsky
 Courtney Moulder @apartmenttwo
Savannah Guz Studios
Mindi Yarbrough Langford 

Thank you to the generous donors listed below who have donated time, money, pottery, equipment, art pieces, and baskets of goodies for our basket raffle.   Ohio University Eastern will also be giving a Scholarship to a student in attendance.  Thank you to Natalie Kovacs for taking the time to jury the artist submissions.   I am overwhelmed by the generosity.  I plan to use the funds to take students to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.  Any money that remains will be saved to buy a pottery wheel for our classroom.  I can't thank you all enough.  
The Andy Warhol Museum
Oglebay Institute Stifel Fine Arts Center 
Oglebay Mud Slingers 
Stephanie Davis 
Tom at Thomas Ceramics
Jenn Kelscar 
Ohio University Eastern
Student volunteers
Bridgeport Band Boosters 
Natalie Kovacs 
Logan J. Schmitt
Thank you Collin Blumenauer for creating the flyer for our event.  You did such a great job!  
I could use some basket donations for our Basket Raffle.  Please reach out if you would like to donate a basket.
Our event will be held May 21st from 11am-4pm and will feature local artists and musicians from our community.  This Festival will consist of vendors who will sell their own hand-crafted products. There will be live bands with special guests The Bridgeport Marching Band.  You can expect the Band Boosters Concessions, kids crafts, raffles, and 50/50 to support the Bridgeport Fine Arts Club and Bridgeport Band Boosters. 
Events like this help young learners see how people utilize classroom skills in everyday life.  Visiting our local art festivals has become a big part of my life because I enjoy the artwork and the community.  I want my students to feel this same sense of community.  I want them to see artists who are working within our community, what they are making, and the types of things that sell in our area.  Many of them have never been to a festival of this type.  

Mrs. Mindy Sears
Bridgeport Exempted Village School District, 
55781 National Road, Bridgeport, OH 43912.
Feel Free to share our event with others.

The pictures below spotlight some of the awesome artists who will be at our event.

Pictured here is the work of Mindi Yarbrough of Wild Heart.  Mindi is known around the Ohio Valley for her whimsical, dreamy, and spiritual folk art.  She creates a wide variety of works like art journals, stickers, and paintings.  She also likes to find a way to involve the people of the Ohio Valley in her work with works such as public murals, and custom coloring books.
Her work has been shown in big cities across the US.  We are lucky to have her wild heart working in the Ohio Valley.  Come out and support the talent of the Ohio Valley.

Pictured Below is Artist Spotlight- Natalie Kovacs (also known as Shapelessflame)
Natalie is a cartoonist + illustrator from Ohio. She draws a lot of critters–both real & imagined. She uses cartoons to explore topics of nature, magic, and mental health with the intent of sparking curiosity and fun.

Pictured Below is Artist Spotlight- Courtney Moulder / Apartment Two Art


Apartment Two Art makes a clean burning, dye-less soy wax candles and melts in a variety of scents and sizes. The elegant, simple product design and the abundance of unique scents to choose from, allows opportunity to be enjoyed by many in their homes and places of work.

Pictured Below is Artist Spotlight - Brent A. Nixon

Brent's one of a kind sterling silver gemstone and crystal jewelry speaks for itself.  

Using various wire weaving techniques, Brent shapes and sculpts wire into intricate settings for natural crystals and gemstones.  Come early because his stuff usually sells fast.  

Pictured Below is Artist Spotlight - Collen Cominsky of Colleen's Crafty Creations

Handmade Soaps and body products. Bath bombs, scrubs, body butter, chapstick and more. Crochet items and peace cathers. Please describe your work, including information about the process you use to create your artwork: 
Soap created by using the hot process method.  She uses natural butters and oils with herbs, clay, and spices.