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Alumni Blue and Black Club updated for 2023
Alumni Blue and Black Club updated for 2023

The Bridgeport Alumni Association is proud to announce the Blue and Black Club. Any Alumni who donate $100 or more to either the Scholarship or Alumni funds or a combination of both will become a member of this club.

2023 Blue and Black club members are as follows: Lavelle Porter '47, William Ray '49, Peggy Jones '54, Sandra Yeager '55, Edward Kren '56, Edith Rector '56, Jack Wensyal '57,  Edgar Mehlman '60, John Matusik '60, Larry Fehr '61, Carolyn Sandrick '62, Joe Koler '62, Robert Weaver '62, Helen Hitchman '64, Theodore Koler '64, Susan Diehl '64, Daniel & Andrea Barritt '65, Dennis Covey '66, James Ruggles '66, Dale Giffin '67, Patty Kinnison '67, Bruce Johnston '69, Chuck '67 & Kathy '69 Marty, Michael Burnik '69, Ollie Fowler '71, Jim Tennant '73, Michelle Bianconi '78, Polly Bianconi '78, Judith Kralovic '78, Denis Miller '78, Helen Holtz '80, Brian & Shawn Miller '82, David Weaver '86, Sean Caruth '88, Bobbie Jo Griffith '89, Karrie Mellott Puskas '94, Tennille Saling '94, & Casey Yurkovitch '96. Thank You and Welcome to the Club!

The Bridgeport Alumni Association would like to thank all Alumni for their past support. We would not be able to do what we do without the support of all of our beloved Alumni over the years.